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Close-up of Chioggia Beet Slaw with carrot, green apple, dill, and a light dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, maple syrup, and kosher salt. The slaw is served on a blue scalloped serving plate

Chioggia Beet Slaw

This slaw is the perfect summer side dish, bursting with color and even more so with flavor! The earthiness inherent to the beautifully striped Chioggia (pronounced key-OH-jee-uh) beets is exquisitely… Continue reading Chioggia Beet Slaw

Sweet Corn Summer Salad

This bright and happy summer salad is absolutely bursting with flavor and fresh, colorful, plant-based ingredients. Though many people are surprised to find raw corn in a salad, those who… Continue reading Sweet Corn Summer Salad

Chioggia Beet Carpaccio over a bed of beet greens, garnished with crumbled goat cheese, toasted pine nuts, purple scallions, and flaky Maldon salt. The dish is served on a large, round green serving plate that is shaped to look like a leaf of lettuce, and the serving plate is on a purple and beige silk scarf. The background is a white marble surface.

Chioggia Beet Carpaccio

This Chioggia (pronounced key-OH-jee-uh) Beet Carpaccio is the perfect stand-out vegetarian side dish or appetizer to serve if you want to make a good impression. The thinly sliced beets are… Continue reading Chioggia Beet Carpaccio

Cucumber Dill Coleslaw in a large mixing bowl with two serving spoons with turquoise handles nestled into the slaw. In the background is a colorful scarf on a granite surface

Cucumber Dill Coleslaw

This refreshing, crisp coleslaw has all of the classic ingredients of a creamy slaw, plus a few extra to give it a little update. The cucumber and dill, though simple… Continue reading Cucumber Dill Coleslaw

Vegan Jewish Penicillin in a floral bowl with a bright blue rim. The soup is garnished with finely chopped fresh dill. In the soup is a gold and white spoon. In the background is a white tile wall wooden countertop, and a lilac-colored gauzy fabric under the bowl

Vegan Jewish Penicillin

This vegan Jewish Penicillin (otherwise known as “not-so-chicken soup”) is a nourishing, delicious, plant-based version of the beloved classic. This soup broth comes out perfectly clear, with the classic aromas… Continue reading Vegan Jewish Penicillin

Lemon Brown Butter Garlic Scapes on a white asymmetrical plate, garnished with lemon slices, over a pink, yellow, orange, white, and green floral silk scarf.

Lemon Brown Butter Garlic Scapes

This supremely simple, yet boldly flavorful dish is the perfect accompaniment to a fresh, seasonal meal. For those who aren’t familiar with garlic scapes, they’re the tender stems and buds… Continue reading Lemon Brown Butter Garlic Scapes

A small, wooden bowl filled with labneh, olive oil, za'atar, and sprigs of dill. In the background is spilled za'atar, a vibrantly colorful silk scarf, and a couple stems of dill

Labneh with Olive Oil and Za’atar

This deliciously creamy, tangy labneh makes a spectacular dip or spread. For those who are unfamiliar, labneh is yogurt that has been strained to remove the whey, or milk protein… Continue reading Labneh with Olive Oil and Za’atar

Israeli Salad with Za'atar garnished with sesame seeds, in a white speckled serving bowl with a blue rim. The background is a wooden surface with a purple gauzy fabric under the serving bowl

Israeli Salad with Za’atar

In honor of a new chapter in Israeli government, this recipe incorporates all of the beautiful flavors that normally come in an Israeli salad, like cucumber, tomato, red onion, and… Continue reading Israeli Salad with Za’atar

Carrot Cake Slaw with carrots, raisins, green apple, toasted pecans, cinnamon, nutmeg, mayonnaise, and cream garnished with chive blossoms over a wooden backdrop with a purple, turquoise, and pink silk scarf under the oval, eggshell-colored serving bowl with a blue rim

Carrot Cake Slaw

This gorgeous, somewhat outside-the-box carrot cake slaw is inspired by the carrot salad that’s served at one of my Grandma Mala’s favorite restaurants. A trip to visit her isn’t complete… Continue reading Carrot Cake Slaw

Simple Root Vegetable Tian with beet, potato, onion, sweet potato, and thyme

Surprisingly Simple Root Vegetable Tian

This recipe is a much less intricate adaptation of Susan Spungen’s glorious Root Vegetable Tian recipe found here. Though it could never replace Susan’s original tian recipe, this naturally vegan… Continue reading Surprisingly Simple Root Vegetable Tian

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