My name is Becca Gallick-Mitchell, aka InstaGrandma, and I’m a Holocaust educator and home cook with a passion for fresh, seasonal ingredients and a treasured arsenal of trusted recipes, some handed down through generations and others picked up along the way. I live in New Jersey with my extraordinarily loving and supportive husband, Paul, and our two beloved dogs, Mel Blanc and Yogi Bear (Mel and Yogi for short).

My toolbelt of cooking tricks and techniques is the product of innumerable failures and triumphs (you can’t have success without failure!), as well as many hours in the kitchen with my mom and my Grandma Mala (although my mom will tell you that the cooking prowess skipped a generation, she cooks a mean Thanksgiving turkey). Grandma Mala, my ultimate inspiration for this blog, is a 97 year old Holocaust survivor who loves nothing more than to feed her family.

Many of my most cherished recipes are the ones that I grew up enjoying when I’d visit my Grandma Mala and Papa Henry. They are the precious recipes that her mother and grandmother cooked in Poland before they perished along with her father and 3 younger siblings (along with too many extended family members to count) in the Shoah (Yiddish for Holocaust) when my grandma was 15 years old.

A substantial portion of my repertoire consists of Jewish recipes that I grew up with as well as British recipes that I’ve learned from Paul (who is from the UK). That being said, I find that the best and most accessible way to explore new cultures and get to know new people is through food, as many of my recipes on here will reflect.

I strongly believe that when cooking, it is important to try to use as much of the food source at hand as possible, whether that means finding a use for a chicken carcass after roasting or a bunch of carrot tops that weren’t suitable for glazing. My beloved Grandma Clara, who helped raise me, taught me that one should never throw away food if it can at all be avoided. Having lived through the Great Depression, she felt strongly that one must not waste the resources at one’s disposal, but instead to treat them with the gratitude and respect that they inherently deserve.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for visiting my corner of the internet! I hope that one or more of my recipes will bring your home the joy and comfort that they have all brought to mine.