Grandma Mala’s Veggie Patties

Grandma Mala's Veggie Patties on a floral china plate with a red silk scarf in the background

My Grandma Mala's veggie patties are savory and crisp with a delightfully cruciferous flavor that's enhanced simply with just the right amount of salt and pepper. It's a recipe with only a handful of ingredients, but the way they come together makes the patties truly something special, and not just because they're one of my… Continue reading Grandma Mala’s Veggie Patties

Ode to Adeena- Rosh Hashanah Toast

Ode to Adeena- Rosh Hashanah Toast: Green apple, goat cheese, and Adeena Sussman's hot honey atop a toasted slice of challah bread

This apple, goat cheese, and hot honey toast recipe was inspired by Adeena Sussman's Mango Ricotta Toast with Hot Honey¬†that she featured on her Instagram last month. This version has been tailored to incorporate some of the traditional ingredients for Rosh Hashanah, which is in less than a week, if you can believe it!!!!! Toasted… Continue reading Ode to Adeena- Rosh Hashanah Toast